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  • Get to know I Know Leopard. The Sydney indie-outfit reached our west coast ears with their latest single “Daisy Eyes”.

Full Ugly – Drove Down

  Full Ugly seems to be half-kidding when it comes to their tongue-in-cheek title.  This week, the Melbourne-based shoegazers released their full album Spent the Afternoon, a rattle of crisp lo-fi strings and carefree clamor that’s anything but an unfortunate complexion. “Drove Down” is a signature midtempo, soft-rock single (previously released).  The sound tip-toes music mixed by bands … Continue reading


Childhood – Falls Away

It’s no surprise, this band is young, but we think it offers a sound that’s all grown up. UK rockers Childhood smear together a mix of dreamy vocals and bright builds that stretch like growing pains. Fans of Snakadaktal (RIP) and Young Fathers should let their adolescent curiosity get the best of them. The latest Soundcloud single, “Falls Away” offers … Continue reading

the preatures better than it could be

The Preatures – Better Than It Ever Could Be

Following up the flirty, speakeasy whispers of “Is This How You Feel?”, The Preatures return with an all-out banger. “Better Than It Could Ever Be” is a haunting rock revival with a get-down shake, chorus chant, and relentless stadium sound. The Sydney group is making a generous push to higher ground.  With this much punch … Continue reading

totoake cant you see image

Totoake – Can’t You See

Totoake’s surf-rock single “Can’t You See” revs an emotional engine, using smeared distortion that strikes like offshore lightning. We’re hooked on the dynamics. It’s expansive, able to break past pleasantly innocent, Cure-like melodies and reach a headphone-splitting, garage clamor. As one of the ocean-bound ballads off the Santa Cruz native’s first mini album, “Can’t You … Continue reading

the mary onettes image

The Mary Onettes – Silence Is A Gun

“You know what you can take / Silence is a gun” While clearing my morning haze with caffeine, I drifted out of one trance and into another sampling The Mary Onette’s dream-pop single “Silence Is A Gun”. The dark simile is the Swedish band’s newest single since the release of its glassy 2013 LP, Hit … Continue reading

yoro king image

Yoro King – Yr Eys (Song No.1)

  In bedroom recordings from a world away, 16-year-old Yoro King embraces raw clatter and reverb.  His EP, Dance To The Rhythm of Youth can dismiss any amateur label in its six-track lifespan.  Simple and stark, the lead single “Yr Eys (Song No.1)” captures attention with a brazen, personal sound. The Ukrainian teenager’s humble mixes are … Continue reading

diane coffee amor fati image

Diane Coffee – Amor Fati (Washed Out Cover)

  West Coast native Shaun Fleming must have a love of fate.  As the man behind Diane Coffee‘s fated creation (story below), the same chance has led to a stunning reinvention of Washed Out’s chillwave hit “Amor Fati“. The third track off Washed Out’s catapulting LP, Within and Without, featured a symphony of synth adjoined to sweeping drops … Continue reading


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