Introducing: Railway – Summer City Pt. II


All of the outsides, but none of the sugary fillings.

Railway is one of many musical monikers setup by artist Tristan Rodman.   After pushing through humble dorm-room-beginnings, he was joined by three other members to place full attention on the band.  “Summer City Pt. II” will be the first single released under the band’s new movement.

Much of Railway’s music is built for summertime and the seasonal title of this song fits the build.  Faint, distorted guitars scale up and down to simple melodies produced by Rodman’s short bursts of lyricism.  He repeats, “Everything is changing and we don’t know how” as an anthem during the chorus.  As it fades out, we’re left feeling the end of summer.  Like so many of our own summers that seemed “short-cut,” it’s great you can put this one on repeat.

“Summer City Pt. II” was released Monday on Bad Panda Records.  It’s already cracked a 1,000 plays in 24 hours.  No insight into Railway’s plans for an album yet.

Here more of Rodman’s music on Soundcloud here.

Follow Railway on Facebook here.


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  1. […] mid-September, we introduced you to Tristan Rodman and his latest music from Railway.  The single, “Summer City Pt. II” set the stage for the band’s debut EP, Synecdoche.  We were fortunate enough to get a listen […]

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