Introducing: Honeyblood – Bud


As self-described “noisy Scottish girls,” Honeyblood brings a clean, classic sound from across the pond.  Their sound and style parallel the Dum Dum Girls and (possibly) Haim movements sweeping the coasts.  “Bud” is the debut single from the two-piece band.  It’s filled with double-snares on count two and clashing guitars blended together in a way that’s warm and nostalgic.

No, oh, it’s not your fault at all … Nip it in the bud.

The song plays off the centuries-old horticultural idiom (above), calling out a desire to end a romance gone awry.  Using clever phrases like, “It’s not in my nature” the simple lyricism makes for an easily repeatable track  (and at under three minutes it goes by quick.) Honeyblood is out on FatCat Records.  Their first single will feature “Bud” and the B-side “Kissing on You.Preorder it here.

Keep up with the new sound from Scotland on Soundcloud here.

Follow Honeyblood on Facebook here.


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