Saintes – TV Fairy Tales


Hailing from the fair city of Paris, Saintes is the brooding brainchild of Anne-Sophie Le Creurer.  Dark and layered in grunge, the solo project started in 2012 “with a guitar… and Casio beatboxes” before being picked by American label Crash Symbols.

“TV Fairy Tales” showcases Saintes’ lo-fi rock in yet another unexplored corner of the world: France.  Simple, rhythm guitar riffs lead the way as synth samples phase in, pushing and pulling with Le Creurer’s soft inflections.  Dotted across the song are quirky points of “release,” where the tension is unstrung by a major chord, but the beat continues on.

Dark, but imaginative, Saintes shows huge potential for the grunge-rock world and rightly reigns “Queen” of Paris’ scene.

Hear more from Saintes’ first album, Hortizonal/Vertical on Bandcamp here.

Follow Saintes on Tumblr here.


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