Amaya Laucirica – Found Some Secret


Melbourne’s velvety-voiced Amaya Laucirica whispers again.  Piecing together her third album, Sway, the latest release “Found Some Secret” is the first peek at the dreamy LP she’s been hiding.

Like prior albums, Laurcirica shows her range of talent contributing layers of vocals, synths, and drums featured on the track. The songwriter’s mellow pacing easily blends together with arpeggio guitar stems that seem to float overhead.

Laurcirica’s sound has fallen deeper into the dream-pop genre since her debut LP, Early Summer (2010).  Her last EP “Anywhere There’s You” (2011) showcased a little heavier, dirtier style.  “Found Some Secret” isn’t far off, but it seems to open up and give the track space to breathe.  We like where it’s headed, can’t wait to hear more.

“Found Some Secret” was released on a limited CD featuring the b-side track from Sway, called “Staring At The Sun”.

Hear more from Amaya Laucirica on Soundcloud here.

Follow the Melbourne songwriter on Facebook here.


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