Girls Names – Third Uncle (Cover)


Girls Names forges ahead into a retro, surf-jam sunset prepped for the release of its new EP, The Next Life.  The cover: “Third Uncle”, originally made popular by experimental/glam rockstar Brian Eno.

The memorable, syncopated bass line kicks things off, then crashes into extensive guitar solos which are tossed around by a rotating phaser.  All around, Eno’s classic sound is revived.  It’s played with respect to original, but enhance by Girl Names’ crisp, modern-grunge.

Look closer and you’ll find something is vaguely familiar.  The Belfast band managed to meme David Bowie in their spare time.  The cover art to Bowie’s latest album The Next Day is parodied for the sake of Girls Names’ new EP.  A collaboration calling card?  Either way, we they deserve the credit (their prior LP, The New Life founded the idea).

Slumberland Records will the release Girls Names’ new EP, The Next Life on October 28th in the States and Tough Love will provide the UK release on the 29th.

Hear more from Girls Names on Facebook here.

Here is the original song by Brian Eno (that hair…)


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