Snakadaktal – Fall Underneath


Melbourne’s Snakadaktal might be a late contender in the ring for surprise indie album of 2013, but we’ll proudly sit on their corner.  Their debut LP, Sleep In The Water is out now, and the latest single making fans from down-under crazy is “Fall Underneath”.

Like indie bands before them, Snak’ reportedly found a quiet escape in middle-of-nowhere-outback to dish out the album.  The serenity experienced definitely shows in the final product.  Previous peeks at the album like “Hung On Tight” and “Ghost“ sampled Snak’s hard-hitting drum licks and then something that resembled indie RnB.   As the third single, “Fall Underneath” introduces another sound that carries like ocean waves.  It’s chilled, but a little funky too.

One consistent sound is lead vocalist Phoebe Cockburn, whose soft coos warm the space inside the track.  The rest of the song pairs off mellow guitars and ping-pong plucks with a set of carefree drums.

Keep in mind the band members are teens. (see, Lorde isn’t the only young talent emerging from Australia/New Zealand).  Get hooked on their sound now.

‘Sleep In The Water’ is available now from iTunes.  Here more from the Melbourne five-piece band on Soundcloud here.

Wanna know where I got hooked? This video.


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