September Girls – Heartbeats


Upon first listen, “Heartbeats” has become the tom-tom-filled rumble to match our heightened pulse.  The track is the first look at September Girls’ forthcoming album (coming soon on Fortuna POP!).  The short story from this single: “Don’t call me ‘baby’”.

Washed in distant guitars and a clamor of drums, the song’s thunderous noise rivals an aged 50s hit on the record player. Girls’ transient harmonies weave through the track, while telling a tongue-in-cheek tale of love betrayed and the pleasure of never getting back together.

We first fell in love with the all-girl Irish group last month when their singles “Ships” and “Flesh” hit the Soundcloud airwaves (thanks to our other favorite group of gals, PINS.)  “Heartbeats” easily falls in line with Girls’ bouncy rock, moving like a rush of blood to the head.

Here more music from September Girls on Soundcloud here.

Stay in touch with the Dublin rockers on Facebook here.

Here’s the smash single from September Girls, “Ships”.

2 Responses to “September Girls – Heartbeats”
  1. Danny Wood says:

    There’s (at least) three other singles before the Ships tape (Green eyed/Wanting More/Talking), which are all pretty special – they’re all are on the Soundcloud page linked above.

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