Haerts – Hemiplegia


Haerts treats us to the numbing pop hit “Hemiplegia” ahead of its long-awaited EP out October 8th (Columbia Records).  The Brooklyn outfit “keeps us moving” with spacious, synth-pulsed shimmer, ready to attract as much attention as their previous crushes, “Wings” or “All the Days”.

No, you can’t move up with your eyes down.

Taken literally to mean the “paralysis of one side”, Nini Fabi’s vapor-like vocals whisper a story of inner struggle, supported by a slow-burning melody and reoccurring bell choir.  After a near dead-stop on the bridge, chiseled guitars carry us into the final chorus as Hearts towers with sound.

“Hemiplegia” will be released on the EP of the same name and featuring three other tracks (some you might remember) “Wings”, “All For You”, and “All the Days”.  Preview the entire EP before its release on Spotify below.

Hear more from Haerts on Soundcloud.

Follow the Brooklyn band on Facebook here.


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