Obsessed: Sway – Wakati

Tropically-fused and insanely catchy, the latest indie rock from France might have you speaking Swahili. “Wakati”, which refers to “time” in the Bantu language, is the latest get-up-and-dance single by the french-quartet Sway.

The guys broadcasted their first tracks earlier this year.  “Wakati” will be the fourth song and final track to their forthcoming EP (out this October).  Promising songs you can “feel free to share and dance”, “Wakati” easily delivers their chant-filled style.

We love how the single never loses speed thanks to a clever divide in the middle.  The open high-hat, drum rolls and palm-muted guitars are relaxed at the start, eased alongside vocals that slide under heavy accents.  A shift in tempo more than halfway-in sets up a steady dance beat, and thrusts listeners into a party-scene ending (Plus trumpets. You could use more horn sections in your life).

The group from Saint Germain en Laye, France was an absolute ‘Obsession’ this week, follow them on Soundcloud here and Facebook here.

Listen to their previous track, “Keep Calm” below.


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