Overlooked: Las Kellies – Two Types


… then there’s quiet, and then there’s loud. There’s two types.

Las Kellie’s post-punk love letter is flirtation, stripped of any extra extravagance. We admire brevity here. The latest single “Two Types” is simplified, taking about two, tambourine-filled minutes to ask that essential question, “What’s your type?”

A call and response between a punk-ish romance answers the question in a playful, but cool effervescence.  It features Ian Svenonius of Chain and The Gang fame.  Sharp stabs from Kellies’ raw guitar ring out in between, while the spy-theme bass repeats, keeping time with the tribal tom-tom fills.  Fans of anything CSS and The Rapture’s early EP will have no problem grooving with this.

Las Kellies formed in 2005 in Buenos Aires and is led by Silvina Costa and Cecilia Kelly, (aka Sil and Ceci) plus third member Sofi Kelly. Their second album Total Exposure is out now on Fire Records.

Hear more from Las Kellies on Soundcloud here.

Follow the Porteño trio on Facebook here.


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