No Joy – Last Boss


Don’t expect an 8-bit soundtrack.  No Joy’s “Last Boss” playfully hints at the ultimate Super Mario showdown, but leaves bruises in its wake.

Movements of distortion-driven choruses are cut between Jasamine White-Gluz’s layered echoes of “ahhs”.   At its peak, the track catches its breath in a dead stop before the final riot and ominous outro.  If the single is any indication of the future EP, eloquently named Pastel and Pass Out, we can expect it to be the epilogue to Wait To Pleasure’s fuzz-filled rock.

No Joy’s highly acclaimed sophomore album was only released last April, and it’s remarkable to see the Montreal group setting up more music (kudos!). The new EP will be out on November 5th in the US, and 4th in the UK via Mexican Summer.

No Joy just played Filter’s Culture Collide festival in LA and will continue to tour through Canada, England, and Europe in 2013.  Hear more from No Joy on Soundcloud here.

Stay up to date and follow them on Facebook here.

Here’s the video for “Blue Neck Riviera” from Wait To Pleasure.


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