Brighton – Run Away


“Older at heart, but young in our minds. Run away.”

New music from the West Coast, however this British-titled band beaches by the Norwegian Sea.  Brighton, a five piece group from Scandinavia, returns with “Run Away”.  The new single will be featured on the band’s upcoming ten-track album blending together indie rock and electronica.

Similar to other electro-rock groups we’ve featured, Brighton’s music is bouncy, filled with an excellent mixture of guitar stabs and enough chanting for a stadium-sized sound.  In 2011, the band released its latest EP, Conquistador.  Since, the new singles “Nothing Wrong” and now, “Run Away” don’t stray far from their earlier work, but definitely hint at the band’s growth through the last two years.

Find out more about Brighton on their Facebook page here.  “Run Away” is currently available for free courtesy of Brilliance Record’s Diamond Club on Soundcloud.


Here’s the previous single “Nothing Wrong” via Spotify.


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